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Dr Gerald, Secretary-General of World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI) visited ConbaAuthor:   PubDate:2014-04-14   Resource:
Mr. Hu Jiqiang and Mr. Wang Ruwei, president and executive vice president of Conba Co. received delegation of WSMI led by Dr Gerald, Secretary-General of WSMI. 
Mr. Wang Ruwei firstly introduced development process and development orientation of Conba and efforts and achievements Conba made in promoting development of OTC market, promoting development of self-medication and health industry, etc. At present, Conba is taking active measures to enter the international medicine and health industry. As a member of WSMI, Conba hopes that with the help of WSMI and relevant international organizations, it can make breakthroughs in access to the global medicine and health industry and market develop direction in order to promote development of the human health industry and fulfill the mission of caring for human health and making contribution to promoting human health. Gerald emphasized that WSMI has many members. Each working group conducts its own work and cooperates with each other. It has special advantages and resources in international cooperation, regulation service, information exchange, market promoting, etc.   
Mr. Hu Jiqiang made in-depth communication with Dr Gerald in application and international development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its function in the field of self-medication. He said that TCM has a history of 5000 years. It has gone through extensive safety and efficacy tests and plays an important role in self-medication. It shall have broader space for development and nicer prospect. Same as traditional western medicine, TCM needs to absorb modern theories and technologies, and shall be further promoted to the international market. Moreover, some traditional food and health care food which play an irreplaceable role in self-medication shall also be brought into the field of self-medication. Dr Gerald agreed with Mr. Hu Jiqiang and extended his thanks for having this opportunity to make in-depth exchange with Conba on development of self-medication industry in the world on the bank of the beautiful West Lake. He hoped that Conba can play a more important role in WSMI and lead development of the self-medication industry. 
After the visit, Dr Gerald sent an e-mail to Mr. Hu Jiqiang and relevant accompanying personnel extend his thanks (the original version of the e-mail):

Dear  Mr Hu, Mr Wang and Mr Zhang,

I would like to thank you and your colleagues very much for the hospitality I received during my visit. It has been a pleasure meeting you in Hangzhou last week.  

Our discussions we had regarding global developments for TCM in general and Conba-products in particular have been very stimulating for me and helped me better understanding a number of crucial aspects of the relationship between different markets and the growing role of the Chinese market within the global context. 

I will return to Geneva with important insights that will hopefully benefit the further development of WSMI and all its members as we continue to support and strengthen the self-care and self-medication industry globally.   

Your interest in exploring further opportunities to promote TCM and self-medication as part of self-care will be of great importance to the future development of WSMI.

I would like to encourage Conba’s and Dr Wang’s active participation as a valuable member of the Board of Directors in all matters of WSMI. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you if possible in future WSMI Board meetings. 

With kind regards,