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Golden Zhengshiming——developing brand advantage of ZhenshimingAuthor:   PubDate:2014-04-13   Resource:
Golden Zhenshiming corydalis amabilis eye drops take corydalis amabilis extract and natural ornel, authentic medicine materials in Mount Dragon and Tiger, Jiangxi Province as main ingredients. Sodium hyaluronate and sodium chloride are main auxiliary ingredients. Advanced production technique is used to extract this Chinese patent drug preparation. Golden Zhenshiming has the effects of promoting blood circulation, improving eyesight and relaxing muscles and tendons. It is applicable to adolescents who have bad distant vision and cannot use eyes for a long time due to blood stasis and tendon and vessel block; adolescent pseudomyopia with the above symptoms can use this product.
Its main ingredient is corydalis amabilis which grows in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan and some other places. The quality of corydalis amabilis growing in Mount Dragon and Tiger, Jiangxi Province is the best. Yujiang, Jiangxi Province which produces corydalis amabilis medicine materials acquired National geographic protection sign in May, 2009. As it sprouts in cold winter time every year and blossoms in spring. The aboveground part withers in April when summer is about to come. The tuber can be used as medicine material.
Corydalis amabilis has bitter flavor. It is also a little acridity and has the effects of negotiating meridian, promoting the circulation of qi and relieving pain. It is commonly used in local people. Since 1977, each version of Chinese Pharmacopoeia records it. According to the research of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Suzhou Institute of TCM and other research organizations, main content ofcorydalis amabilis is Coryadlis ambailis migo total alkaloids (COAMTA). The content of protopine in COAMTA is high, which has the effects of relieving pain, anti-inflammation,relaxing muscle and improving microcirculation. Jiangxi Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. pays special attention to unique efficacy of this folk medicine, discovers corydalis amabilis, an authentic medicine material in Mount Dragon and Tiger, Jiangxi Province (location of the Company), cooperates with multiple research units to make systematic research and exclusively developed corydalis amabilis eye drops, The other main ingredient is natural ornel. Our company uses the ornel produced by Jiangxi Ji’an Linke Natural Ornel Factory. This factory is in the first batch of natural ornel producers in China. Natural ornel is fragrant and has spicy and cool pharmaceutical nature. It has the effects of inducing resuscitation, clearing heat and relieving pain. It can strengthen absorption of the drug and cool and relax the eyes. Protopine, the main content of corydalis amabilis has the pharmaceutical effects of relieving pain, spasm, cough and asthma, improving micro circulation, preventing platelet aggregation, relaxing and relieving muscle contraction, relieving arrhythmia, preventing liver injury and preventing malaria. Studies show that protopine has the effect of spasm reliving for ciliary muscles and can be used in treatment of nearsightedness. It can resist spasmodic muscle contraction of eye muscle caused by the effect of acetyl choline and barium chloride. It can also resist spasm in vitro ciliary muscle caused by the effect of acetyl choline. Its spasm relieving effect is weaker than atropine. It has no side effects of atropine such as corodiastasis and raise of eye pressure. Pharmaceutical research on ornel shows that natural ornel has many direct treatment effects including protecting the central nervous system, resisting pathogenic microorganism, resisting inflammation, relieving pain and avoiding pregnancy. Moreover, ornel can promote absorption of medicine, enhance transparency of vascular wall, open blood-cerebro spinal fluid barrier and blood-brain barrier, resist metabolism velocity of drugs taken together in human body and enhance its biological utility.