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Conba Participates in the Mission to America for Talents RecruitmentAuthor:   PubDate:2014-11-19   Resource:

From November 6th to 15th, the Jinhua sub-mission led by Ji Junmin, the deputy party secretary and the mayor of Jinhua city participated in the activity of Zhejiang Province recruitment talents abroad. Wang Ruwei, the executive vice president of Zhejiang Conba Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd participated in the mission to recruit talents in Canada and America on behalf of the company. He successively attended a number of large-scale activities such as the Zhejiang • New York and Zhejiang • Silicon Valley Overseas High-level Talents Alliance Event and the Sodality of Jinhua Talents in America, as well as many science and technology alliance activities of Austarpharm Company, Chinese Herb Trade Association of America, Huahai (America) Company and other transnational enterprises in Silicon Valley.