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Professor Yuta Kobayashi in Shimane University of Japan Pays a Visit to ConbaAuthor:   PubDate:2014-06-17   Resource:


On June 13th, Yuta Kobayashi, a senior professor of pharmacology in Department of Medicine of Shimane University and Li Yu, a physician in the affiliated hospital of Osaka Medical College paid a visit to the headquarter of Conba, and made an academic exchange. Hu Jiqiang, the president, Wang Ruwei the executive vice president, Yang Xianmin, the senior vice president, Fang Ling in R&D department, Zhu Lijun, the director of Lanxi Organization Department and Talent Office and Xu Peiqin, the director of Personnel Bureau had a kind talk and exchange with Professor Kobayashi. President Hu Jiqiang issued the letter of appointment to Professor Kobayashi as the chief pharmacological specialist in Conba while Wang Ruwei, the executive vice president, issued the letter of appointment to Professor Kobayashi as the specially recruited counselor in Conba and issued the letter of appointment to physician Lin Yu as the medical counselor in Conba.
Professor Kobayashi and his delegation also visited Hangzhou Conba New Preparation Center, the laboratory and preparation center of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine Research Institute, and the basic laboratory, preparation laboratory, pharmacological laboratory and specimen exhibition room in College of Pharmacy, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.