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Winning the charity prize is no accident. Conba Group makes another achievement.Author:   PubDate:2014-03-20   Resource:
Recently, I learnt that Conba Group Co., Ltd. won the organization donation prize, a charity prize in Zhejiang Province on the 4th Zhejiang Charity Prize Award Ceremony held in the afternoon of February 27th, 2014. It is reported that it is the third time that Conba won the prize. Conba also won 2013 China Charity Prize before.    
Speaking of the prize, we cannot help recalling development of Conba in recent years. It moves from the bank of Lanjiang River to the bank of Qiantang River and develops into a large pharmaceutical enterprise from a small factory in the street. Development principle of Conba seems simple, but its success is no accident. Its development is in close relation with the donation and other undertakings for public charity. It is reported that in 2012, Conba Group once donated RMB 300,000 to build drought resisting water diversion program in Banqiao Town, Luliang County. The problem of drinking water for the masses and livestock was solved. Then Conba mobilized social forces to donate money and resources to the drought-stricken area in Yunnan Province. It helped to people in the disaster area to pull through. So far, Conba has donated to numerous persons and groups and provide help to them.  
As a pharmaceutical company, Conba always sticks to the company tenet of “absorbing wisdom from all over the world, creating great causes, working for people’s health and showing endless caring and sincerity” and always does as it promises. Conba bears the thinking and responsibility of “as medicine and Buddhism have the same origin, our duty is to save people”. Besides providing high quality health products and services to the public, Conba takes “solving people’s problems and sharing the country’s difficulties”. There is no wonder that Conba products can be accepted in such a short period of time and are widely praised by the public.  
According to relevant statistic, 2013 annual report of Conba Group shows a significant development. The business revenue also increases by a large margin. When giving others roses, a bit of fragrance will be left on the fingers. It must be the best return for Conba’s persistent work for public benefit.