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President Hu Jiqiang Pays a Visit to Chinese Herb Trade Association of AmericaAuthor:Admin   PubDate:2014-05-05   Resource:
On May 1st, Hu Jiqiang, the president of Conba and his delegation arrived at San Francisco, and paid a visit to Chinese Herb Trade Association of America. Liu Yuankai, the chairman of the Association, Huang Naiqin, Liu Qiyuan and Zhong Shaoyuan, the vice-chairmen of the Association, and a number of members of the Association received Hu Jiqiang and his delegation. The members in Chinese delegation also included Yang Jun, a vice-dean in Beijing University, Zhang Jiangsheng, the international business director in botanical drug business division of CONBA and Shi Rongxin, the business development manager in North America etc. 
Both sides had the first talks about the future communication and cooperation in the business related to traditional Chinese medicine in Conifer Hotel, San Francisco Chinatown. They introduced their development plans respectively, and expected to  carry forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine together, expand the market of traditional Chinese medicine in both China and America, and realize a win-win relationship.