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R&D Direction

1. Modern Herbal Medicine

The company's strategic goal is flagship enterprise and the first brand of modern herbal medicine. Modern herbal medicine is also the company’s main R&D direction. With the guidance of modern scientific theories, it inherits and carries forward the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and, through herbal planting research, pharmaceutical research, pharmacological and toxicological research and clinical research, develops modern herbal medicine from traditional Chinese medicine agreeing with international pharmaceutical concept, including effective ingredient preparations, effective parts preparations, compound preparations and pharmaceutical preparations, etc. The products are safe and effective and own stable process, controllable quality and clear effect, so they can be accepted by international mainstream market. The company focuses on the research of herbal medicinal ingredient, effective parts and new preparations of pollen, ginkgo, corydalis ambigua, chrysanthemum morifolium and rhizoma corydalis decumbentis, etc., and actively promotes drug registration of ginkgo preparations and Pule'an preparations, etc., in international market.
2. Characteristic Chemical Medicine
Manufacture high technology content chemical medicine, enhance core competitiveness and improve product additional value. Utilize chiral drug technology to develop highly effective and low toxicity drugs; utilize microbial fermentation technology to improve production capacity; utilize DDS technology to develop sustained and controlled release, positioning release and targeted release preparations. Focus on the research of Omeprazole, Alocin and Faropenem, etc., products to further strengthen the drug registration of special chemical medicine raw material and preparations in the Europe and America.
3. Leading-edge Biological Drugs
By introducing overseas up-to-date biotechnology, promote its absorption and utilization at home and thereby build an academic exchange platform with foreign high-end institutions to promote academic exchange and cooperation. Focus on cooperative R&D projects of therapeutic liver cancer vaccine and, by effectively utilizing domestic case resources, push forward clinical trial driving projects and broaden development in the field of biotechnology.